The Washington Patriots Baseball Organization is a non-profit youth baseball organization that fosters and maintains a family-friendly organization encompassing a competitive team comprised of great kids and talented athletes.  Our most important mission by far is to not only help our young athletes become better players but to provide the building blocks through the game of baseball so they can grow to become amazing adults.


The Patriots are led by a multi-talented coaching staff to include a U.S. Military/Afghanistan War Veteran and former college athlete, and a former Romeo Bulldog and head coach.

The Patriots are also coached, trained, advised, and mentored by Coach John Musachio. "Coach Moose" coached at the NCAA Division I level for 12 years, including Michigan State University (Big Ten Conference), where he coached for 3 seasons and Oakland University (Horizon League), where he served as Head Coach for nine seasons. During his time in the college ranks, he was the Oakland University all time wins leader and the 2012 Summit League Coach of the Year.  He has evaluated, scouted and recruited thousands of players throughout his career. Coach Moose has produced over 40 NCAA Division I All-League players and his ability to develop players has culminated in over 20 players signing professional baseball contracts.  Regarded as a true family man and a man of character, Coach Moose's developmental platform goes further than just the baseball diamond.  


Through this talented leadership team, the players are not only taught the game of baseball but are also taught valuable life lessons such as respect, attention to detail, the importance of hard work, leadership, discipline, sportsmanship, and accountability.  The full-time coaching staff have been together over 5 years and are all volunteers.


Our team is proud to have limited turnover and keep almost the same kids playing together every year building trust in one another and developing a true team spirit.


Our season starts after the 1st of January with indoor practices 2x a week and batting practice every Sunday.  Our workouts/games/etc typically end in the fall.  Our player contracts run from August 1 to June 30.  While we do play throughout the year, we take breaks to prevent baseball burn out and so families can enjoy time together away from baseball.  Additionally, our players are multi-sport athletes, members of school bands, and involved in numerous non-baseball activities (which is encouraged).     

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